I’m a vulnerable customer – what services are available for me?

Our services

  • Text to speech, speech to text - use text relay to make and take calls through a third-party operator. They’ll translate text to speech, or speech to text.
  • Braille, large print, audio, cream coloured backgrounds - if you have restricted vision, hearing or dyslexia, we can provide information in a format that works for you. 
  • Find a telephone number - if you have restricted vision, our free directory enquiry service might be helpful for you. Register for directory enquiries
  • Priority phone repairs - if you depend on your home phone because it’s harder for you to leave your house, we can prioritise any phone repairs you need.
  • Nominate someone to help with bills - if you need extra support with your home phone bills, you can nominate someone else – a friend, family member or carer – to look after them for you. 

If you need some help getting the most out of your device, we’re here to make things easier for you and set up any services you need, or help you in any way we can.

Call our specialist accessibility team on 0333 304 3222

Available Mon – Sun: 8am – 8pm
(free from your Vodafone mobile, otherwise standard charges apply)

Or start an online chat or pop into one of our stores

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