My device isn't working

Over 75% of issues can be solved by carrying out some simple steps – the fix might be easier than you think.

Restart your device

If your screen isn't responding or apps aren't opening correctly, try turning your device off and on again.

Update your operating system

Try to carry out a software update on your device. If a new version is available, it'll update.

Make sure your device is fully charged before you start the update and back it up so you don't lose any data.

Visit our device guides

Search for solutions specifically for your device in our device guides

Check our network

If you can't get any signal, we might be experiencing network problems. You can check this using the network status checker

Check your bars

There might be an active bar on your account that’s stopping you using your phone in a certain way.

You can check your bars at any time using the My Vodafone app, or by logging into My Vodafone:

I’m using the My Vodafone app 

  1. Tap Manage bars & extras
  2. Here you will see Your extras, bars and caps

I logged into My Vodafone 

  1. Select Settings
  2. Under Plan settings, tap View on the plan you want to change the details for
  3. Choose Not the right setting?
  4. Here you’ll see your options to get more data

Factory reset your device

This will remove all pictures, music and data from your phone so back up your device first to avoid losing any data.

Find out how to do a factory reset

There's a physical problem with my device

If these steps don't work, or there's a physical problem with your device that we can't solve online, such as a cracked screen, start a chat with our Technical Team who will help get this sorted.