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How do I switch off content control on my mobile device?

Content control is an age-restricted content bar. It’s applied to all Vodafone devices and protects younger customers from seeing images and accessing websites, apps or other content that are inappropriate for under-18s.

You can add or remove the content control from any device, at any time in My Vodafone – but you’ll also need to verify that you’re over 18:

  1. Log in to My Vodafone
  2. Find the number you want to use and choose See usage details
  3. On the next page, choose Services and extras from the menu followed by Content controls
  4. You’ll then need to verify your age by entering your name, date of birth, address and payment card number.
  5. Tap Pay now to continue. Don’t worry, no payment will be taken
  6. Once your age has been verified, select Bars and data alerts  in the box then toggle the switch between on and off

After you’ve turned the content control bar on or off, wait 10 minutes and restart your device. You should then have access to your age-restricted content straight away, though in some rare cases this may take up to 24 hours.

You’ll also receive a text confirmation that the content control has been removed or added.