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Unable to log in to my pay monthly account

Username or password

Entering the username or password incorrectly is the most common login problem. If you’ve forgotten your details you can recover them by following the instructions on the login page of My Vodafone

Please note:  your password is case sensitive.

If you’re still having trouble you can reset your details with an adviser using Live Chat. Whether you need to reset your username or password, we’ll need to be sure it’s you making the request. We’ll do this by asking you to supply some secure information such as your 4-digit Vodafone PIN and your memorable word. You’ll also need to have a security code sent to your associated device.

If you don’t remember your secure information, you can reset those when you’re speaking to the adviser. You can then update your security details in your account settings once you’re logged in to My Vodafone.

Extra security check

To keep your account safe and secure, we’ll ask you to complete an extra security check after entering your username and password.

We’ll send a security code to either your Vodafone mobile or to a home phone or non-Vodafone number, if you’ve nominated one in your account settings (we recommend having an alternative number set up in your account in case you don’t have a Vodafone mobile to hand).

This is a single-use code and is only valid for 20 minutes. You can request another code if you need one.

We won’t charge you to receive the code.

If you’re being asked to enter your security code several times, we recommend clearing your web browser’s cache

Please note: Some Mobile Broadband devices may not be able to receive texts

Receiving your security code

If you’re unable to receive a security code on your device for any reason, get in touch with one of our advisers on Live Chat who can help you log in.

Once you’ve accessed your account, we recommend adding an alternative contact number (this doesn’t have to be a Vodafone number) in your account settings so that we can send the security code to it in future. This will make it easier the next time you log in.

Updating your information

You can update your details, including your alternative contact number, username, password, memorable word, email address and Vodafone PIN information, in your account settings when you’re logged into My Vodafone.

Locked account

After three unsuccessful login attempts your account will be locked. If this happens, you’ll need to get in touch with an adviser to unlock your account