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What are these numbers on my bill I don't recognise?

You may have seen one of the numbers below on your bill which you don't recognise:

+447836 121 121  

This is your Vodafone Voicemail number, which shows up when you pick up messages from abroad.

+447785 016 005  

This is our Vodafone message centre number. All our text and picture messages go through this number before reaching the recipient.

Text info services  

These are text messages to premium rate numbers, like buying a ringtone, or alert services like football updates and horoscopes. They normally show up as a five-digit number. To cancel text message services, simply reply by text message with the word STOP.

07744 numbers  

We charge for these because they aren't regular mobile numbers – they’re call forwarding services. They’re common with services for making international calls.

08- and 09- numbers  

We charge for numbers starting 08- and 09-. If you call a lot of these numbers, you may be able to save money on your bill with Vodafone Extras.

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