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  • What happens to my bills once I cancel my contract?

    If you’ve cancelled your plan with us, you’ll be billed up to the date your number is disconnected.

    Your final bill will be made up of: 

    • Usage for the part of the month before your number was disconnected 
    • Any out-of-plan usage
    • Any roaming charges
    • Any Extras – like a Recurring Data Extra
    • If you cancel while you’re still in contract, an Early Termination Fee (ETF)

    When will I get my final bill? 

    If you switch to a new mobile provider at least 22 days before that month’s usual billing date, you’ll get your final bill on your usual billing date. 

    If you switch to a new provider any later, you’ll get your final bill 22 days after you switch. 

    Because we can only bill your usage retrospectively, it can take up to two months for roaming charges to be billed after your number’s been disconnected. So, if you’ve used your plan abroad and cancelled soon after, bear this in mind. 

    Can I cancel my direct debit? 

    Don’t cancel your direct debit immediately after cancelling your plan with us. 

    Once your number’s disconnected, we won’t continue to take payments – but we do need a direct debit still in place to take any final payments when they’re due. 

    Can I check my bills after I’ve cancelled? 

    Yes – you can check your bills up to six months after you cancel. 

    To do this, log in to your My Vodafone account. Then, under ‘Account settings’, add an alternative phone number. 

    I’ve been cut off – how do I pay my bill? 

    If your account was cut off, there are a few ways you can settle payments with us

    I think I’ve been billed incorrectly 

    If you’re unsure about a final bill or payment, start a chat with us. 

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