What happens to my other Vodafone services if I switch networks?

Vodafone Together discount and entertainment plans   

If you switch your mobile Airtime plan to another provider, your Vodafone Together discount will continue for the minimum period you've agreed to stay with us.

Entertainment plans  

When you switch providers, you’ll lose any entertainment plans you have with us.


If you switch from Vodafone's mobile network to another provider, you’ll no longer have access to OneNumber.

V by Vodafone  

When you switch, you’ll need to register your device again in V by Vodafone to keep using it.   

Red Sharer  

To keep using Vodafone Red Sharer when you switch, give us a call so we can update your account.

Charge to Bill  

If you pay for any products using Charge to Bill, we’ll stop charging to your monthly bill when you switch. You’ll need to set up a new payment method.  


If you switch when an Extra is still active, you’ll lose any allowances you had left.


Your Vodafone Insurance will be cancelled when your number is disconnected unless you have a device loan that hasn’t been fully paid off. Once the device loan is paid off, your insurance will automatically be cancelled. If you’d like to cancel your insurance before this, give the team a call on 0333 304 3346.