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How can I check my network coverage and status?

Having an issue with data?

You can check your coverage online using our Network Status Checker or in the My Vodafone app by simply scrolling down the dashboard to the Tools section. You can also check 5G here, but only coverage.

  1. Enter the place name, postcode or your current location in the search bar – make sure location services are turned on. See our location services device guide if you need help
  2. A status bar will pop up to show the signal strength in your area and if there are any network issues or planned maintenance that could affect your signal. You’ll see the following symbols: 
    • Maintenance work:  
    • A known network fault: 
  3. Tap on the symbols to see the estimated completion date and to subscribe for updates
  4. You can also check what data speeds are available in your area by tapping Data speed info

Please note: Your current coverage is the estimated coverage expected within your location – your actual coverage depends on numerous factors. Read more about what affects your coverage

If you have poor or no coverage at your location, see if Wi-Fi Calling can help you stay connected.

Tap the Chat button below if you need help. You can also see our FAQs related to troubleshooting network issues, such as calling, data, texting, sending picture messages or using your phone abroad

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