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My broadband is slow. How do I make it faster?

There are various things which can impact your broadband speeds. Wi-Fi is impacted by environmental factors, so please consider the following

  • Keep a distance between your router and other objects/electrical items of at least one foot.
  • Keep your router at least one foot from the wall and in the open.
  • Make sure your router is plugged into your master socket (this is where the line comes into the house and will likely have the BT Openreach logo on it)
  • Some Wi-Fi channels may be quite busy, so we recommended you try different channels to find one that is most effective for you. You can do this in the app or the router.

Use the broadband app

    1. If you don’t already have it, download the Broadband app from the Google Play store, or the Apple App Store
    2. Pair the broadband app to the router
    3. Choose My Wi-Fi
    4. Go to Wi-Fi channels
    5. If you’re using the iOS app, try different channels from 1-13 to see which works best for you. If you’re using the Android app, look at the number next to each Wi-Fi channel – this represents how busy the channel is.  Choose a channel with the lowest number.

Connect directly to your router

  1. Attach your laptop or PC to the router with an Ethernet cable (you can use Wi-Fi too, as long as it doesn't drop out)
  2. Open a new page and enter vodafone.connect or into the address bar
  3. Log in using your router password
  4. In the top right section of the screen choose expert mode
  5. Choose WI-FI - General Settings
  6. You will now see an option to change WI-FI channels.
  7. The channels recommended for best speeds are 1, 6 and 11

Follow the steps in our Wi-Fi Automatic Channel Selection guide [PDF: 260KB] to choose which Wi-Fi channel your device will automatically connect to.

If you don’t want your device to automatically connect to a Wi-Fi channel or if you want to split the wireless bands yourself, simply follow our step-by-step guide on Wi-Fi Channel Selection and Splitting SSID [PDF: 113KB]  

For further assistance see our handy guide to Managing your Vodafone Broadband Router on our YouTube channel.

Please take time out to try different channels and monitor for at least 24 hours on each channel.