How do I book my device in for a repair?

You can get your device repaired under warranty or outside of warranty (there’ll be a charge if you’re outside of warranty).

Find out if your repair is likely to be covered under warranty  
This will depend on the type of repair you need, the condition of your device and the length of your warranty. 

Want book a repair?   

If your repair or your device isn’t covered by our warranty, you can pay to get your device fixed.  To book a repair, call 191 free from your Vodafone mobile, chat to us online or visit us in store

How to send us your device:  

When you book your repair, you can choose how you send us your device: 

Post your device  
  1. We’ll email you a Royal Mail label, or you can choose to use a DHL drop off point 
  2. Package up your device   
  3. Take the package to your nearest Post Office or DHL drop off point  
  4. After we’ve repaired your device, we’ll arrange for a courier to bring it back to you  
Get a courier to pick up your device  
  1. Package up your device   
  2. A courier will collect your package 
  3. After we’ve repaired it, we’ll arrange for a courier to bring it back to you  

Track my repair 

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